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Obstacles in fully automatic mask packaging machines

2024-05-20 Author:Wolkon


Since the fully automatic mask packaging machine is relatively complex to use, has a high degree of automation, and is controlled by PLC and operated by a touch screen, obstacles in the fully automatic mask packaging machine are often caused by connection errors or improper operation.

Fully automatic mask machine

The first problem is that the temperature of the shrink machine of the fully automatic mask packaging machine rises or cannot rise to a higher temperature.

Since the main power cord of the heater of the fully automatic mask packaging machine passes through the magnetic switch and then to the electric heating tube, it is necessary to check whether the contacts of the magnetic switch are normal. If the line does not pass through one of the phases, the above phenomenon will occur. If the electromagnetic switch is normal, check the ammeter again to see if each phase is the same as the ohm value of the machine. If normal, it should be a short circuit fault. If all phases are turned on, but the circuit or electric heating tube is still not normal, the heater should be replaced.

Another common problem is that the film material of the fully automatic mask packaging machine is easy to shift and cannot be fed regularly when the machine is working.

During the operation of the fully automatic packaging machine, if the film material deviates, adjusting the position of the film roller and the tension balance bar will have no effect. This can be solved by adjusting the angle of the upper triangular plate and adjusting the upper triangular plate counterclockwise.

Although the fully automatic mask packaging machine has advanced technology and is conducive to industrial production, various minor problems may occur, which require careful operation and inspection by operators. If you have any questions about the fully automatic mask packaging machine, please contact us!

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